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The Body Temple's Master Herbal Certification is an Apprenticeship Program with Mama Mawusi Ashshakir. Together we explore herbs and natural methods of healing as a way of life. This curriculum is a series of 9 classes with 10 - 15 lessons each, discussing herbal history from the Nile valley to present, and also giving a detailed understanding of the human body, herbs, growing medicinal herbs, detoxification methods and companion healing modalities. The education that you will receive is from an ethno-botonanical point of view with a special focus on the health of melanated peoples.

The Body Temple Institute's Certification Courses Offer:

Herbal course materials

Interactive videos

Access to live lectures and workshops

All textbooks and supplemental course materials

Membership to The Inner Temple, newsletters and much more

This course is intended to build your mental arsenal and strengthen your confidence for self preservation. As Africans here in America we are facing changing times- ignorance of your health is now a vulnerability that we can no longer afford- literally and figuratively. We are blatantly confronted with medical misdiagnosis and insurance politics. Let us make the pledge to stop being the victims and take responsibility for our own health.

These classes are a one to two year commitment to the healers path of research and study. This is a Self- paced course so you will be provided with all of the educational and multimedia supplemental materials that you need in addition to support and mentorship.


The total tuition for The Master Herbalist Certification is $900 and the payment plan for this program is 5 payments of $180 in addition there is a $100 fee for the program exam.   

The Body Temple Institute works hard to produce educational materials that are organized and effective. Thus we do not issue refunds in part or in full. Your classes, lectures and course materials will be sent to you by email but under special circumstances can be sent through the U.S Postal Service, contact us for more information.  

Additional Textbooks which are required reading are listed within each class syllabus will be provided for you and packaged among your course materials.

The Master Herbalist Path Of Study

HCC1 Herbalist Orientation:

This class will explore herbal history from the Nile valley to present, and give an introduction to the plants and companion healing modalities.

HCC2 Anatomy and Physiology

A detailed study of what the body is and how the human body works in sickness and in health.

HCC3 Identifying Health and Disease

Learn to identify the signs and symptoms of disease and how to rebalance the system.

HCC4 Nutrition

Understand why food is your medicine or your poison, this course will explore therapeutic diets.

HCC5 Herbal Therapies and Applications

This class will focus on the different applications of herbs and theraputic methods of use.

HCC6 Making Herbal Blends And Formulas

Making plant medicines, herbal syrups, salves, poultices and tinctures. For use in your herbal first aid kit.

HCC7 Plant Identification / Botany

Learn how to identify plants in the wild, understand their essential properties and uses.

HCC8 Soil Cultivation

learn how to create fertile soil for the planting and cultivation of your own medicinal herbs.

HCC9 Case Studies

Examination and diagnosis, theoretical and real life cases. Understanding the law as it relates to Herbalist, and their healing work.

HCC10 Program Certificate Final Exam

Final Master Herbalist Exam


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