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The Body Temple Institute

Of Wholistic Heath And Herbal Studies


Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner


The Body Temple Institute has developed a path to health through the study of many different healing modalities, experiences and case studies. In order to eliminate the factors weighing against Afrakan people we must have a multi pronged approach to healing. The Body Temple Institutes Naturopathic Practitioners will have access to a specially developed program that will give them the tools to effectively support the Body in bringing about balance, health and alignment.

Naturopathic Practitioner Students will learn

  • the health concerns and recommendations for specific client groups such as men, women, expectant mothers, children and seniors
  • how to use modalities such as herbology, iridology, aroma herbology, astrology, pH balancing and vedic and indigenous healing methods to determine and correct imbalances within the body.
  • help clients suffering with internal conditions such as parasites, yeast overgrowth, heavy metal toxicity, and its many coinfections
  • Energy balancing.
  • Advanced client testing methods which can be used to determine the cause of an imbalance
  • how to uncover many underlying causes of common health concerns and tailor a healing strategy for the specific needs.
  • learn how to use multiple natural healing modalities in an effective strategy to support healing or eliminate disorders in the body.


This program could take you up to three years minimum to complete if you are consistent with your coursework (however it is self paced).

The Body Temple Institute's certification courses offer you:

  • Herbal course materials
  • Interactive videos
  • Access to live lectures and workshops
  • All textbooks and supplemental course materials
  • Membership to The Inner Temple, live video classes and much more

This course is intended to build your mental arsenal and strengthen your confidence for self preservation. As Afrakans here in America we are facing changing times- ignorance of your health is now a vulnerability that we can no longer afford.



The Naturopathic Practitioner Certification student fe$2500 this includes all of your course materials, pdf books, multimedia materials as well as your program exam. PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE PLEASE CLICK THAT OPTION ON THE REGISTRATION SHEET.

**The Body Temple Institute works hard to produce educational materials that are organized and effective. Thus we do not issue refunds in part or in full. Your classes will be sent to you by email. 

Additional Textbooks which are required reading are listed within each class syllabus will be provided for you and packaged among your course materials.

The Naturopathic Practitioner Path Curriculum

NPHC1 Traditional Natropathy: 5 classes orientation to wholistic healing and integrated therapies to produce a change in health and disease.

NPHC6 Vital Nutrition: 5 classes explore nutritional needs for growth, regeneration, self protection and elimination.

NPHC11 Herbalism: 4 classes to explore the foundations of utilizing herbs to effect change in the body to eliminate disorder or support the body in functioning properly.

NPHC16 Afrakan Aroma Herbology: 4 classes to explore the different modalities therapies and preparations for the healing of the hueman body.

NPHC20 Medical Astrology: 3 classes we discuss the different manifestations of the hueman character and how that affects our health.

NPHC23 Reflex Point Therapy: 4 classes to discover the reflex points on the body and their ability to bring about change in the elimination of disorder in the body.

NPHC27 ENERGY HEALING: 3 classes to learn about the hueman energetic system and how to bring about the realignment of imbalanced energy systems.

NPHC30 Record Keeping and Assessment Testing: 4 classes to learn case studies, record keeping and the value of probing deeper to understand the effects poor health and how to assess the effects of a successful therapy.

NPHC34 Protocols of Naturopathy: 2 classes building a healing practice, the business responsibility and accountability.

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