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Wholistic Doula Certification


Answer Your Life’s Calling To Support Mothers On Their Journey Through Pregnancy And Parenting. Start Your Career And Birth Your Passion Today.


You will learn about:



  • The Spirituality of Birth
  • Birth Environments
  • Womb Wellness
  • Herbs For Birth
  • Post Partum Recovery


The Mothership offer's te versitility of online classes as well as live learning. Check us out Live and in living color:


Online Classes 










The Mothership’s Birth Doula – course syllabus




As an Mothership Doula your objective is to aid the mother through her birth journey managing breathing, pain and emotions accomplishing her birth plan be it natural or medicalized. In addition The Afrikan Mothership Birthworkers work together to form a united front of support – linking the parents to resources, information, and counseling.




In 6 classes develop your hands-on skills as a Birth Doula, enabling you to provide the best care possible, and identify strategies for establishing and developing your craft. The Afrikan Mothership’s Doula is equipt to change the birth paradigme and help to facilitate the birth of a whole mother and child.


During your training you will cover three main topic areas – Foundations of Pregnancy Anatomy, Birth Science and Birth Doula Skills.



First Trimester: Building Doula Skills


Enhance your communication skills, enabling you to build strong relationships with clients and caregivers alike. Topics covered include:



Class 1



  • Orientation to becoming a Mothership Doula
  • Community Connections And Resources
  • Birth environments


Class 2



  • Anatomy and Physiology of pregnancy, labor and birth overview
  • Pregnancy diet and nutrition
  • Pregnancy comfort measures


Second Trimester: Physiology of Pregnancy,


Gain a thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum period. Topics covered include:


Class 3



  • Pregnancy issues and conditions cause and effect
  • Healthy eating and exercise
  • Spiritualality of birth


Class 4



  • Stages of labor and wholistic measures of pain management
  • Management of labor and medical interventions
  • homebirth, birthing center, and hospital models of care


Third Trimester: Birth & the Early Postpartum Period


These classes support the doula in understanding her role and her responsibility to the mother. Lastly how to connect with the community for business.


Class 5



  • Protocols, and job description of a Doula’s role (doula do's and do not's)
  • Introduction to postpartum, parenting and lactation
  • Case studies


Class 6



  • Case Studies
  • Community connections
  • Becoming a birth professional - The Doula Business


All student materials are focused on evidence-based care. Evidence-based means medical practice that is based on research. The opinions and thoughts of experts on pregnancy and birth are referred to throughout your student manuals – it is important to hear the views of others in the field to build your own knowledge base.



Certification Requirements:



  • Completion of The Mothership Doula Course Workshop, Manuals and Test
  • Attend 3 births as a shadow doula or observer
  • Total payment of student fees
  • Book Reviews on the following topics:



  • Natural childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Prenatal and postnatal exercise
  • Diet and nutrition


**Certification will be issued when all requirements are met**


Cost and Registration Fees


This course can be offered in your local area or online. The general cost for this course is $650 this includes regestration fees and program exam fees.


The Wholistic Doula Certification


Terms and Conditions


The payment plan is offered as a courtesy so all payments must be paid in full before class starts. This is a commitment so payments made signify your commitment to attend all 6 classes. If there is an unforseen issue and you need a refund you will have to discuss this with Mama Mawusi Ashshakir. **refund issues will be reviewed based upon proof and documentation**

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