The Body Temple Institute

Of Wholistic Heath And Herbal Studies

Childbirth Educator Certification


Strengthen your service by adding on to your skills - Childbirth Education is a key component to informing parents on the process of home and hospital birth.  

This class will give you the tools to create curriculum, plan demonstrations, create culturally relevant materials and support parents in the effective use of Wholistic methods of relaxation.  

This certification is held online in a google classroom that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.  After the completion of the classes you will have to shadow 3 childbirth education classes and write a review showing your understanding of the dynamics between teacher and student as well as the types of learners taking the classes.  

You can begin your journey here: 


** There is no payment plan for this program it must be paid in full before the start of class.

**please submit a copy of your Birth Companion or Doula Certification ***  

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