The Body Temple Institute

Of Wholistic Heath And Herbal Studies



The Body Temple Institute has a reputation of quality education and health maintenance information.  This herbalist class can strengthen your present connection to herbs and healing.  

The Community Herbalist Certification program will give you a indepth look at plant medicines and their uses together we will explore the healing properties of herbs, anatomy and physiology, preparations and applications of healing herbal blends. 



  • orientation to herbs and their healing properties 
  • anatomy and effects on health
  • recipes and herbal uses
  • medicne making 
  • case studies and program exam

This class is taught online with multi media content We provide all the books need for this class and live. This program will prepare you to blend herbs, support people in health maintenance strategies and make herbal preparations.  

Live Class Dates


  • February 7-9
  • June 12-14




Terms and Conditions

The payment plan is offered as a courtesy so all payments must be paid in full before class starts. This is a commitment so payments made signify your commitment to attend all 6 classes. If there is an unforseen issue and you need a refund you will have to discuss this with Mama Mawusi Ashshakir. **refund issues will be reviewed based upon proof and documentation**

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